Fortunately Saturday 23 April was a dry day. However it was a little cool and windy but this did not discourage the many visitors to our annual plant sale at Four Acres, Pond Hill.

As in 2021, a small queue had formed by the time we opened just before 8.30. From then on a steady stream of customers looked over the vegetables, fruits, herbs, plus a wide range of decorative annals and perennials on display. Most left with large boxes of bargains. By the end, at 11.00, the shelves were stripped almost bare and we had take a grand sum of £714!

Our thanks go to

  • All those who grew and brought plants to the sale
  • Sybil for providing the space in her front garden (and the tea which was most welcome)
  • All the committee members who helped guide people to the plants they were looking for and giving information / advice
  • AND of course those people who bought our plants

There will be other opportunities to buy plants at
School Fete – 21 May
Open Gardens – 26 June

Thanks again