Our talk on Monday 11 March was from Paul Williams who has spent a lifetime in horticulture, including 18 years as a head gardener at Bourton House and 12 years head gardener at East Court, Charlton Kings, Glos (a private garden which used to open for NGS).

Paul’s specialities are container gardening, garden design and plantsmanship, plant based design garden science and natural history which can’t help but go hand in hand with gardening.

The talk was ‘Potatoes, Peppers, Petunias and Poisons’ which was a run though of the Solanaceae family, illustrated by many photographs. This held our attention for over an hour and generated many questions (and answers). At the end Paul gave a quick illustration of East Court’s garden.

There was also a table full of memorabilia collected during his work and travels, which we examined afterwards.