Stonesfield Gardening Club will be holding their annual plant sale on Saturday 27 April. It will be at its usual location at Four Acres, Pond Hill (just down from the shop) between 8.30am and 11am.

Members have been busy growing plants in spite of the unseasonably cold weather. On sale will be a wide variety of annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables at bargain prices. Here is our provisional list but much more will be available on the day.

2024 seeds      
Veg/Flower Species Variety Notes  
Vegetable Tomatoes Ailsa Craig Balance of sweetness and acidity combined with deep tomato flavour. Outdoor, cordon, desease resistant.  
Vegetable Tomatoes Tigerella Bi-colour plum/cherry-type tomatoes. Best indoors or full sun, cordon.  
Vegetable Tomatoes Tumbling Toms Bright red cherries cascade out of a patio pot or hanging basket.  
Vegetable Pepper Padron Small green pepper – mild, but sometimes have moderate heat.  
Vegetable Pepper Chilli Havana Gold Long, golden-orange chillies with a mild heat and distinct habanero flavour.  
Vegetable Courgette Atena Heavy crops of yellow courgettes. The plants are semi-compact, great for smaller gardens.  
Vegetable Cucumber Jogger Delicious ‘American slicer’ with crisp, yet juicy, bitter-free flesh. Performing exceptionally well in outdoor trials.  
Vegetable Bean Oregon Sugar Pod Tall growing mangetout type producing really large broad flat pods.  
Vegetable Bean Boston Dwarf French Sturdy, upright plants produce straight, round long pods with a dark green colour and an excellent flavour.  
Vegetable Bean Windsor Runner Straight, stringless pods up to 30cm long. Vigorous and red flowered variety shows good disease resistance.  
Vegetable Cabbage Eilsa Excellent ball head variety producing large dark green compact heads of sweet flavour, Slow to bolt.  
Vegetable Salad Mixed Provides different types, colours and textures. Ideal for small gardens.  
Vegetable Squash Griller Mixed Attractive colour mix, perfect for grilling and BBQs. Open bushy habit, superb yields of oval fruits.  
Flowers Sunflower Sunshine 5ft, yellow sunflowers  
Flowers Morning Glory Heavenly Blue 3m tall climber with vivid blue flowers. Annual.  
Flowers/ Edible leaves Nasturtium Alaska 20cm tall x 50cm spread. Green and white peppery tasting leaves. Multicoloured blooms.  
Flowers Dahlia Mignon mixed 60cm x 30cm  
Flowers Sunflower Red Sun 1.5m x 45cm. Red bronze flowers.  
Flowers Cleome Helen Campbell 1.8m x 60cm. Half hardy annual with white spidery flowers.  
Flowers Calendula art shade mixed 60cm tall. Double flowers in mixed citrus shades  
Herbs Mint      
Herbs Coriander      
Herbs Parsley   Flat leaved  
Vegetable Tomatoes, beef Costoluto Fiorentino    
Vegetable Pea Early onward    
Vegetable Courgette Romanesco    
Vegetable Broad bean The sutton Dwarf broad bean  

Don’t leave it too late as, judging by last year’s demand, the plants sell fast. Please ensure you bring cash and a large bag!